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Default IG "Casualties Army." Help slaughter my Guardsmen!

Morbid as it may be, half of my next project involving Imperial Guard is an idea I laughed at when one of my friends said I should do it years ago; I'm going to make an entire Guard army of casualties, fatally wounded, desperate, and otherwise doomed Guardsmen. This is partially as a joke and partially a serious part of my larger IG project which I will work on later. And a chance to get some use out of the Army Painter gore paints I just got

For now, while I await the purchase and arrival of what will become enough bits to make a fair load of mixed-regiment Guard, I sit here brainstorming ideas on how to model all the Guardsmen as they are being ripped apart as a whole. With me being me, I want no repeats; every model will be completely uniquely modeled. What I'd like from you lot is to get some suggestions on how you'd like to see some Guardsmen killed, and if it's awesome or lolzy enough I'd love to implement it into my army!

Here's a few examples I've come up with:

1. Heavy weapons team with the gunner still firing but the loader slumped over the barrel or the ammo. Additionally, instead of sandbags? Guardsmen. Yeah. Piles of dead Guard bodies instead of sandbags :D

2. Company Commander laying on his back hiding under a dead body playing dead

3. "Halved" Guardsman (must have gotten hit by an artillery shell) split on two bases; ripped up pair of legs on one base, bloody torso (hollowed out with GS applied to make limp bloody clothing) on the other base.

4. Charging Guardsman with a hole through his neck from a sniper round with a massive GS blood splatter appropriately placed on either side

5. Commissar simultaneously executing a Guardsman and committing shooting himself in the head. Probably on a 60 mm base.

6. Guardsman on all fours coughing up a few pints of blood.

At any rate, I eagerly await the hilarious, twisted, and badass ways you all can come up with to see a Guardsman meet his death. Hit me!

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