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Originally Posted by FORTHELION View Post
I like the ravenwing list, now only if I had all those models. lol. I'm gonna try and make a list with as much as what u proposed and I'll add in some deathwing to make up the points. I've plenty of termites, knights and dreads. I don't have sammael, so maybe a Libby on a bike and azrael to make them all scoring. what you think?
Can you proxy or burrow stuff? land speeders are about the same size as rhinos,dreads are same size as attack bikes.proxy any sergeant or libby on a bike as sammael i dont see the problem. If you wanna switch stuff out i would suggest tacticals rather than terminators you can have more models and rip the benefits of standard of devastation ergo more firepower. Azrael is pointless in a bike army,take him for full tactical army or with Belial for hammer and anvil tactic. If you wanna drop some landspeeders replace them with 3 autocanon dreadnoughts or 2 contemptor ones with that aussault cannon.

Still last time I proxied 3 paper landspeeders as LS Vengeance they worked out great wiped 4 terminators right on their ds with one large blast and kept killing big blobs of marines,took out a 2 predetators. just keep that techmarine with inv bubble and darkshroud around plus maybe 5 black knights or at least 3 bikers.
Now if you wanna change the list around drop normal bikers, keep black knights. take 3-4 groups of tacticals on razorback with lasplas and another group or two on a rhino and lots of plasma.
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