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Default Right-Wing Fuckwits use Satirical Bioshock Artwork to Promote themselves


The right-wing conservative group NLF, or The National Liberty Foundation, has posted BioShock Infinite anti-immigration propaganda on its Facebook page. I guess they agree with Washington's message: "It's our holy duty to guard against the foreign hordes."

The thing is, BioShock Infinite presents this kind of propaganda as satire, in a game that shows us how awful racism and other aspects of 19th century thinking was. The National Liberty Foundation, on the other hand, either doesn't know this or simply does not care. To no one's surprise, the group is associated with the US' conservative Tea Party (GOP) and based in Florida.

On the NLF Facebook page, where the image of Washington is so inappropriately displayed, the collective states that their aims are "the importance of free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and American heritage."

I'm guessing that "American heritage" part excludes anyone who didn't emigrate from 17th century Europe. You know, the "foreign hordes."

Update: Apparently all the Internet attention did not go unnoticed. The group has since removed the image from their Facebook page and left a long-winded message about how the trolls have given them the publicity they needed. Also, their name is "The National Liberty Federation," not "Foundation," ecause the latter wouldn't be creepy enough.
One of the comments reminded me of the PETA Nuzlocke Pokemon game - http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Fo...ic/8743154/1/; either intentionally, or unintentionally strawmanning the "opposition", and ending up recreating it. Because nothing says "Fuck the cunts;aliens;terrorists etc" like taking artwork and reusing it inappropriately.

A bit like Nazi Germany recreating the "Careless Talk Costs Lives" posters from WW2 saying "Look we're killing the Brits because they're talking".


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