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Default Story Ideas Thread!

So, I was sitting here, and I realised something.

There's no-where, really, where you can post a story idea before it's done and get some constructive criticism. I've posted plenty over the years I've been here, to varying degrees of success. It's mostly, I think, because of my lack of planning - Though, also because of a short-attention span. I'm always getting new ideas and dropping the others for them, leaving a long, long string of incomplete works.

So, why not have a place where we can post some ideas, and get comments on them? Maybe suggest stories to other writers, share characters, anything. Personally, I think it's a good idea, though I do understand the apprehension to posting your brainchildren online. I've many plotlines that need hammering out, so this is brilliant for me. For others? Who knows!

I'll kick off the show;


Ariston of Athens is a self-made exile, having fled his polis after the brutal murder of a fellow citizen; an act that has damned both his name and reputation as an honourable man. After a run in with Phoenician pirates in the Aegean, Ariston soon finds his true calling - War. Upon arriving in Canopus, on the coast of Aegypt, Ariston seeks out Memnon of Rhodes; a man of God-like brilliance, filled with honour and ruthless ambition. Here starts Ariston's journey, and descent, into a violent world of bloodshed, rape and pillage - All in the service of his sworn enemy, the Persian Empire. From the hills of Attica to the banks of the Indus, Ariston of Athens comes to know three things - Bronze, blood and gold.

[Misthophoros is meant for adult audiences. It's going to be bloody and lustful. Ariston's transformation from a young, honourable man into a greedy, leathery killer won't be pretty - There's going to be plenty of battles, sieges and fleet actions, first under Memnon and the Persians and later with Alexander and the Macedonians. It's meant to highlight the depravity of man, the lust and and longing for conquest, for women - And, for many characters, men - And wealth. Ariston's no hero, and neither will his companions be. He's fighting for an Empire that slaughtered his ancestors and that will be something that hangs heavily upon him for much of the story. But then, he asks himself, isn't Alexander nothing more than a mercurial, half-mad tyrant?

I'm hoping for fifty chapters - Though not limiting myself to that - Of varying lengths. The first half of the story will be Ariston's service under Memnon of Rhodes - A man who he comes to love, as a brother and a leader. The second will take place in the aftermath of Issus, where Darius III is defeated. Many of the characters - Memnon of Rhodes, Alexander the Great, Darius, Pharnabazus III amongst them - Are historical. They will be explored, as accurately as possible, over the course of the story. Memnon, in particular, will get a lot of airtime; he's the man who nearly beat Alexander, but there's little about him. What kind of person was he? Ariston, and many others, certainly think that he was magnificent. I have yet to decide on whether this will be first or third person, so opinions on that would be great!

And here's my first story.

Here's to hoping that this takes off!

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