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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
These are outstanding as ever; your Power Swords are unmatched, honestly.

Makes me wish I still was involved with the hobby more than netlisting these days, despite having the finger sensitivity and hand control of an ADHD Gorilla spaced out on a 3 day diet of Red Bell, Gin and Snickers.

I do have Heresy book 2; however, I you need help regarding the NL in that era, just give me a shout.
I would be more proud of the swords if it wasn't a stolen technique ;) but kind words nonetheless.

In all fairness this is pretty much all my involvement in the hobby - I build and I paint. I wish I was focused enough to get the other aspects done but playing just doesn't drag me in that much at all. At least I listen to the Horus Heresy audiobooks on the commute to work

I also have the Horus Heresy Massacre book and I've been soaking up what information there is in that. I've also recently ordered Lord of the Night from print on demand and shall be reading it over the holidays (hopefully), to gain yet another perspective. All in all I'm slowly building up the fluff basis on where I want this army to stand and it's starting to make some kind of sense.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
My personal preference would be if you came to my house and showed me your finished work, then helped me paint my army

I think you should continue with your sporadic updates of finished stuff and big wall of text, it's like opening a present when i see you've updated your plog and i know there will always be great stuff in there

White scar test piece is looking fantastic and can't wait to see more.
I shall arrive in my chariot to fulfil your wish! I can be your Christmas miracle!

Well, if you prefer it that way I might just continue on that path. Sporadic updates tends to be pushed in front of me since they are a bigger hassle to make (because of the wall of texts they desire to have). Worst case scenario the wait becomes longer, but in all fairness even the sporadic updates would be more frequent if I could just get things completed fully - but I push things along and I digress...

I'm glad you like the White Scar. I've been meaning to build more of them but I got stuck somewhere in "have to make some moulds for a few parts that I need huge amounts of"-land. It will happen as soon as it's reasonable, I want a counterpoint for my Night Scars (so I can pit them against each other when me and my friend continues to learn the rules).

Originally Posted by zxyogi View Post
OH so very very VERY nicely done!!!
Thank you, kind sir!

Originally Posted by Zodd View Post
It seems that You have added Unparalled Swordmanship to Your long list of achivements !

Nice job Xeno
It's not that long, most of them are somewhat strange as well so not sure if I want to brag with them ;)
Also, shouldn't it be unparalleled sword paintingship?

Originally Posted by Ddraig Cymry View Post
That powersword looks fantastic!
Glad you like it!

Originally Posted by Hellados View Post
Xeno I've been following you for what must be years! Still love it! Keep it up! )
It has been years now! The madness never ends! I do enjoy all the continuing support though

Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
Love the Powersword, on the turning photo we can see it in its full brilliance, and the lightning effect does not look overloaded as many people tend to do it, but more a realistic style, something that I really love!!!
I'm very pleased with the end result, it's one of my favourite weapon effects (I've done it in a darker version on my Brethren of the Phoenix librarians force weapons), soothing but brooding with power. Maybe the only thing that would make them pop slightly more would be if I did make a tiny glow effect on them (on the surrounding pieces of the miniature) but it would have to be way more subtle then ordinary because I imagine these weapons have faint glow when only activated and glows brighter once they bite into something.

Originally Posted by CLT40k View Post
Xeno, you know everytime I think I've learned something about painting I just go to your plog and I'm humbled... absolutely beautiful work.
And I am humbled by your words. Still a lot left for me to learn though


A month as flown by since last update and I'll be damned if I let more time then that pass between updates no matter what I've been up to and able to achieve. So here we go, a look at what's been on the desk lately with the patented and copyrighted ramblings of mister Xeno to go along nicely with the pretty pictures that you've all been waiting for!

First up - I have been painting something from my Night Lords legion! Sadly it isn't done yet but it's still a huge step for me since the Contemptors talon is something I've been pushing in front of me for the longest time since I had done so much conversion work to them I didn't know when to stop. Now I've finally decided to go headlong into the painting process on the first one and the airbrush layers have been finished. Right now I'm slowly trucking along with the edge highlights and even though there are a lot of edges left to do the miniature is transforming quite a lot from it's previous resin state and I remember once more why painted miniatures are so much better:

I've also been building and converting (quite a lot actually). In an effort to work towards a playable army (one centred around a Pride of the Legion Praetor with multiple Veteran Tactical Squads to do most of the fighting). Because of this I need some "strong" miniatures for both the Command Squad and to act as Veterans and in particular veteran sergeants in the squads. A few pimped out marines mixed in with the more regular looking ones should do the trick nicely and still allow for some miniatures to be interchangeable between different units as this army continues to grow.

Some of you might recognize the base miniature for this particular conversion from previous posts a couple of pages back. It's one of the rebuilt/converted kneeling recon marines. I had a lot of thought about his pose and in the end I wanted him to hold some kind of weapon that would put emphasis on it. I debated different special weapons and did some test fits until I finally got this (very unpractical) idea about a spear. I don't know what it'll be in game (probably a power sword or a nostraman chain glaive) but it looks nice. He has swiftly become my favourite miniature in the entire army:

And here's where the Command Squad strands at the moment:

As you can see (if you know your bits) the Spear tip (Lance tip more correctly) isn't the only thing I took from the Vampire riding the Zombie Dragon. The Sword hand with the "flesh" glove is also from that kit. Seeing the new Forge World raptor kit I figured a gloved hand would be a nod to them and the legions more gruesome practises.

Still a lot of conversions to complete and mould-lines to fix (sadly). Working on some ideas about a Night Lord Breacher squad, might have to do that after Christmas...

Ave Dominus Nox.

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