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Default DA Greenwing 1500pts fluffy/competative

Planning out a competitive yet fluffy list for my Dark Angels army, here what I came up with.
My meta doesnt have a lot of flyers some helldrakes, but its quite competative so no easy fights.

I am using 2 Mortis Dreads those have FW rules that give them Skyfire and Interceptor if they remain stationary during previous turn.

HQ (145pts)

  • Ezekiel (145pts)
Elites (250pts)

  • Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (125pts)
    2 Twinlinked Autocannons
  • Mortis Pattern Dreadnought (125pts)
    2 Twinlinked Autocannons
Troops (520pts)

  • 5 x Tactical Squad (160pts) Plasmagun
    • Razorback Lascannon and Twin Linked Plasmagun
  • 5 x Tactical Squad (155pts) Heavy Bolter
    • Razorback Lascannon and Twin Linked Plasmagun
  • 10 x Tactical Squad (205pts)
    Plasma Cannon , Plasmagun
    • Rhino
Fast Attack (180pts)

  • Assault Squad (180pts)
    9x Assault Space Marine (153pts) 2x Flamer
    • Assault Space Marine Sergeant
      Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword
Heavy Support (405pts)

  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
  • Vindicator (135pts) Siege Shield
Assault squad can be swaped for Techmarine with servo harness ,powerfield generator, and 4 servitors
to walk behind Vindicators and fix em.
If your local meta doesnt allow ANY FW rules then instead of Dreads take Nephelim jetfighter for that Air superiority.

Everything starts on the board. Ezekiel goes in Razorback with tact team that got a plasgun. I cant say about movement yet but design was to be mobile, and take out heavy hitters before turn 3, keep hoard sqauds busy with assault squad, let vindicators do their job of wiping out everything that tacticals cant.

I generally like to run fluffy lists but in a way that will not hinder them useless. So Ravenwing generally don't go with uninitiated battle-brothers (unless required) for those who read Ravenwing novel will understand why, Deathwing ussually goes alone or with RW support and so on.

Depending on the reception this gets I will post my lists 2k list for GW and also some RW and DW lists. If its bad I will stay in my mancave and continue to refine my tactical skills :3.

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