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Originally Posted by Malus Darkblade View Post
We just haven't had writers write about this because its probably somewhat difficult to have action scenes take place underwater without sounding boring.
It's not sounding boring that's the problem but trying to write it so that it technologically makes sense because as this thread is beginning to demonstrate, that's not easy.

Originally Posted by Brother Lucian View Post
In the short story Kraken, a sole space wolf fights a huge tyranid monstrosity underwater. Becoming reliant on his third lung when his armor is breached and water pours in.
Depending on the depth in question, if his armor is breached I have to wonder how he survives the pressure.

Originally Posted by nevynxxx View Post
Bear in mind that power armour has servo motors in it, so the water resistance can be countered to a great extent like that.
Servo motors in the armor won't help them move forward much as their feet are small compared to their bodies. Why do you think divers wear fins, ducks have webbed feet and fish have membranes in their fins? Under water you don't need power as much as you need surface area to displace the water and push you forwards (or upwards/backwards etc). That's what fins provide. This is even more important when you weigh a tonne. It's either that or you need jets or propellers.

Originally Posted by Reaper45 View Post
I don't see how this is a problem. If they sink what's the big deal they do have teleporters.
It's just TDA that is teleporter capable, not PA. Underwater, especially at depth you also have the issue of pressure fighting against you, you move slower. Teleporters won't help with that.
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