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Originally Posted by dragonkingofthestars View Post
Now that i look at it again, those wing ticks look interesting, what could they do?
Originally Posted by SilverTabby View Post
They could be the spore cysts?
Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Maybe it spawns flying ripper swarms?
Originally Posted by locustgate View Post
Oh come on and that doesn't make you think of facehuggers?
Here's a rumor that might illuminate what those things are. Looks like they're called "tentaclides" and they function like biological A2A missiles.

Originally Posted by an anonymous source from the Faeit 212 inbox
One kit makes up both the Harpy and the Hive Crone
The model is larger than any other flyer we have for from GW

The Harpy can be labelled as a bomber and comes with a stranglethorn cannon or heavy venom cannon, and can drop biological spore bombs (3 choices).

The Hive Crone is meant to take on air targets with its claws, and comes with drool cannon, that spits digestive acid onto its foes. On the bottom of the wings the Hive Crone comes with 4 tentaclides (missiles) that are used to take down aircraft.

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