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Thanks all the advice so far. Its starting to feel very much like a problem solving brain-storming session on a topic close to all our hearts! This is one of the real reasons why I love it here on Heresy Online!!!

I guess at this point I should add a bit more background about the club here.

1. It is an existing club that runs for 1.5 hours every Friday after school and has been active for the past 5 years, lead by one teacher only (no experience in gaming, simply there to supervise kids in terms of discipline and general behaviour).

2. There are about 20 kids typically, mostly boys but with since the daughter joined, there are a couple more girls who have come out of their closets and are now openly and actively participating.

3. Kids in the club all have their own armies, codices, rule books, etc., typically from their past B-days & X'mas presents.

4. Bulk of them tend to be C:SM, Orks & Tyranids (from what I've seen so far when I go pick up the daughter).

5. School will only allow the gaming aspect of it. No painting (supposedly toxic fumes by "concerned" parents) or modelling (OMG, they have to use scalpels to cut their toy soldiers?!?) due to the usual Health & Safety risk assessment issues.

@Kreuger - You've just double my bedtime reading list! Nice! (no... seriously, thanks!)
I like how you've expanded on my initial brain-dump and help organise some of my thoughts. BTW, that initial list were items that would covered over a period of time, definitely not in one lesson! Being a professional engineer working in the subsea oil & gas sector, we have a tendency to look at the issues at hand, come up with viable solutions and get on with the job. The training in us doesn't really catered for the teaching side of things... especially not to 7-10 year olds!

@fatmantis - Agree with your thoughts and toning down of the more graphically descriptive aspects!

@Reaper45 - Definitely so on the topic of research but I am dealing with 7-10 year olds so will have to discuss this a bit with the teachers on the best way forward!

So my currently plan is now to organise all this into two bits. The first is to outline the overall objectives followed by breaking that down into the various sub-topics (i.e. rules, unit types, etc.) and then agree with the Head Teacher and Key Stage Lead on the actual contents for the "lesson" and come to a consensus on what is realistically achievable with the kids.

More on this soon.

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