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This is what I've come up with so far. Remember that this is for 7-10 year olds... What am I blatantly missing? Comments?

Warhammer Club Objective and Planning Outline

Game Play Objectives
  • Skills acquisition (mental maths, strategy planning, reacting to changes positively)
  • Appreciation of rules
  • Appreciation of big-picture and small-picture concepts
  • Acceptance of personal strategy miscalculations and recovery plan formulation
  • Conflict resolution options (rules or otherwise)
  • Teamwork/Leadership concepts (Singles & Team matches)
  • Gamesmanship
  • Post-game tactic analysis (Lessons-learnt concept appreciation)
  • Making friends and having fun!

Gaming Options
  • Understanding campaign/game scenarios
  • Singles matches
  • Team matches
  • Relevant tactics for various campaign objectives
  • Victory points concept
    • First blood
    • Slaying the Warlord
    • Line breaker
    • Capturing Objectives
    • Special victory point rules for specific characters

Planning of Army List
  • “40K in 40mins” or “Patrol Clash” gaming concepts (1x HQ, 1x Troops & 1x Other, limited to 500pts)
  • Understanding unit make-up and chosen equipment & war gear capabilities
  • Function and tactics for various units
  • Strengths and weaknesses of unit types

Basic Rules
  • Sequence and deployment assignments
  • Game play phases:
    • Movement
    • Shooting/Running
    • Assault (Charge & Combat sub-phases)
  • Player and game turns

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