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Necrons - the only reason they were defeated last time was because all the C'tan turned on each other and the Eldar managed to lock the Nightbringer in stasis. plus they are unaffected by he warp.

Eldar - they are the most technologically advnced, but a dying race. if they can finally overcome their problems and defeat Slaanesh, the rest of the Galaxy may stand a chance

Orks - they are almost infinite in number, do not feel pain, have no fear and grow stronger he more they fight. If the Necrons dont fully wake up and exterminate hem, they could be poised to take over the Galaxy. they dont kneed one all-powerful leader to launch a Great WAAAAGH, the just need several slightly less powerful ones to strike a certain planets to plunge them, like Armageddon, into a never ending war.

Tyrannids - If the Necrons dont wake up in time, the Nids will "remove" all life from this Galaxy and move on, leaving their star-gods to starve. they, like the Orks are innumerble in number, and can adapt to any event or terrain. they have, presumably, already truimphed in other Galaxies,and there is no reason why they shouldn't do so again.

Angry Marines:
Flamer ------------ 5pts
Another Flamer ---- 5pts
Shit, Take a Third - 5pts
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