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That looks better in my eyes at least -
Originally Posted by Lord Rahl View Post
As for the Pred and Vindi, I would really like to keep them in the list. I was thinking that, without them, the Defiler will just be a big bullet magnet and die turn 1.
That is perfectly understandable. Everyone plays their army differently, and I can certainly understand preferences in this regard

Originally Posted by Lord Rahl View Post
6 csm - flamer, x5 additional ccw - 103
Rhino - 35
I'm still not sure about this one, but don't really have a direct suggestion. For a CC unit, 6 models seem awfully small especially at 1500 points. However, they could be boosted through Mark of Khorne.

If you remove the flamer and the votlw from the bikers, you should have the points for mark them, giving them Furious Charge.

Beyond that, it's worth a try
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