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Ok thanks for the reply.

I see your point about the CSM squads and bikers, so, if I combine the 2 CSM units and drop the rhino I will have enough points to get 2 extra bikes with votlw. Does this sound better?

As for the Pred and Vindi, I would really like to keep them in the list. I was thinking that, without them, the Defiler will just be a big bullet magnet and die turn 1.

I dont have a warlord in my army as it is two part of the same force.

The new list should look as follows:

10 csm - 2x melta - 160
rhino - 35
6 csm - flamer, x5 additional ccw - 103
Rhino - 35

5 bikers - 2x plsma guns, votlw - 145

Vindicator - Havoc launcher - 132
Predator - x3 Lascannons - 140

Total points - 750

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