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Hi and welcome back to the game! I'll gladly give some feedback, but just take it with a grain of salt - Everyone plays their army in a certain way after all

Originally Posted by Lord Rahl View Post
5 csm - melta gun - 85
Rhino - 35
5 csm - melt gun - 85
Rhino - 35
6 csm - flamer, x5 Additional ccw - 103
Rhino - 35
I would probably combine two of these to be a 10 man squad. When you have squads of 5, they break easily and, in case of a Purge the Alien scenario, they are very easy kill points.

3 bikes -x2 plasma guns - 100
Same as above really, it's a very small squad for a 1500 point game. They can be mowed down pretty fast and it only requires 1 to be killed to force a leadership check.

Vindicator - Havoc launcher - 132
Predator - x3 Lascannons - 140
I haven't used these personally, as I prefer to use Havocs/Obliterators for Lascannons and heavy weapons myself. I find vehicles, unless they have either cover or invulnerable save, to be pretty squishy in 6th.

An idea would, perhaps, be to drop the Vindicator and get 2 Obliterators with Mark of Nurgle instead of the Predator. After all, your comrade has both pieplate and a monstrous creature to make up for the Vindicators heavy artillery. The 132 points you can use on additional bikes and maybe some additional marines, so you could have 2 x 10?
I don't see a warlord in your army either. Are you playing as allies or simply two parts of the same army, using his Daemon Prince as warlord?
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