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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
If you were ever curious what hell was like, I'd make a stop in New York City. Ultra-high population density combined with ultra-high douchebag population density and a laughably high cost of living makes it miserable. Although it's about the only place you can still go to an Italian restaurant and the hostess is known simply as "mama" and she keeps a shotgun behind the counter. And there's something to be said for seeing the mob, I think.
Have you even been to NYC Horus or are you just going off what movies and pop culture say about it?

NYC is a great place for Tourists. It is an expensive place to go, but you could spend a month there and not see everything.

That being said, if you're going to travel across the US I would rent a car. I work in the car rental industry and depending on when you go you can get a car for $500 a month tax included.
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