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Originally Posted by Kobrakai View Post
I wonder if that's possibly a good idea to maybe raise funds for the forum to cover administration and running costs. I know Jezlad usually runs money drives. Perhaps if calendars can be printed at a decent price they can be sold to go back into the Heresy kitty?

I understand the whole demand v cost etc, so it may not be viable, but food for thought
That's a pretty cool idea. Not sure how it would be done, but it's pretty neat.

The most annoying thing about this book is that it looks like it's just directly copy/pasting the page layout/design from the pages of white dwarf. Which means all they've done is changed the page numbers, maybe added a forward. Stuck and contents in and bam, straight to market. A day's work, tops.

That said, I do like the idea of it, it's nice that GW are showcasing the community. As usual, it's just the price I'm against (grumble grumble, and all that anti GW bullshit)

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