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Default Need help with doubles list

So I've been out of the game for some time but now I am back and have been invited to a doubles tournament at my local club.

A fellow Chaos marine player approached me and ask if I would like to team up with him. As I wanted to get back into the game I eagerly accepted.

The problem is, he is set in his ways with his halve of the list and does not want to change it, so I am tasked with making my list to compliment his.

So first off, it will be 750 points, each and a single FOC between us both, we are not allowed allies.

My partners list is:

Daemon Prince of Khorne, with wings power armour, Ichor blood and black mace = 270 points

Cultists x10 1 with flamer = 55 points
Cultists x10 1 with heavy stubber and 1 with shotgun = 57 points

Helldrake with baleflamer = 170 points

Defiler = 195

Total 747 points

I am thinking along the lines of adding more numbers and scoring troops with some HS to lend weight of fire to his advancing DP.

My list (as first thoughts):

5 csm - melta gun - 85
Rhino - 35
5 csm - melt gun - 85
Rhino - 35
6 csm - flamer, x5 Additional ccw - 103
Rhino - 35

3 bikes -x2 plasma guns - 100

Vindicator - Havoc launcher - 132

Predator - x3 Lascannons - 140

Total 750 points

All C&C welcomed

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