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Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
Not likely. Their submission guidelines state that anything you submit becomes their intellectual property, in short. I think they figure being in White Dwarf (and being featured in a $30 book) is enough of an ego-booster that they don't have to pay anyone for the entries.
Yeah that's what I assumed was going on. Pretty fucking low and immoral in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Kobrakai View Post
A nice way for them to reprint old WD articles into a book and make more money..

The stuff in there won't come anywhere near the stuff we have in our project logs section, especially the likes of Jacobite, Khornes Fist, Swedemarine and Xenobiotic.

Not going to buy this!
Don't get me wrong mate, I've seen the WD's where these armies have been in and they are pretty bloody amazing nowhere near what I could. If the painters were actually getting a cut of the proceeds then I would probably pick up a copy just to show some support for them and GW's support of the community, as it stands I'd rather burn $60 bucks.

The fact is though you can find armies of this standard online fairly easily with much better discussion around. Yourself and @xenobiotic being prime examples.
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