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Default Armies of Renown Book (Army of the Month Collection)


Armies of Renown: 20GBP/33USD/40CAD/40AUD/57NZD

Collecting the first 12 months of White Dwarf's Army of the Month articles, Armies of Renown contains a year's worth of highly individual and personalised collections.

Included are examples of different painting techniques, personalised conversions, colour schemes and much more. But above all, this book is bursting with 12 fantastic miniatures collections that will provide ideas and inspiration for any hobbyist.

Armies of Renown is a full colour, hardback book containing 80 pages of glorious miniatures collections.

So basically GW invites hobbyists to send in pictures of their armies (or send them to Warhammer World I think?). They take pictures and then GW sticks in in WD. Then at the end of the year they collect them all into one book and slap a 60NZD price tag on it.... I really hope they are paying the people who sent their armies in at least something. Otherwise that is just wrong. Sooooo wrong in my book.
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