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Originally Posted by kiro the avenger! View Post
Ok thanks, must just be me clicking on the wrong option, guess I look like a right man on the web now, only looking at what I see first

EDIT: also, noob question, butt could this run photoshop as well, or any equvialant software?
And should I make any 'upgrades' on components if it comes under?
Not a noob question mate. The main thing you need for Photoshop is lots of memory...the more the better...as a base level I would put 8GB in don't bother with 4GB, there's only 12 difference.

I have 24GB on my Photoshop pc, HOWEVER, memory is dependant on the version of the operating system you intend to use.

Any operating system that is 32bit will only be able to use about 3.5GB of memory, regardless of how much you physically install so you will need a 64bit version. Personally I use Windows 7 Professional (I hate Windows 8 ). Use Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit or either of the Windows 8.1 versions if you like Windows 8.

As to upgrades if your costs come under, that is purely personal choice. A better CPU will give you better overall performance but a better graphics card will allow you to play more demanding games at higher resolutions and frame rates. Incidentally, Photoshop does not rely on an ass-kicking graphics card...like I said, it likes memory

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