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Originally Posted by Straken's_Fist View Post
LOL what the hell are you talking about? Don't think anyone has suggested to hike across America.

Also, you don't need a gun for bears on hiking trails, don't be a dumbass...
Plenty of Canadians (and do Americans) manage on hiking trails without them, and actually you have much more chance statistically of being attacked by a moose. Moose are more dangerous than bears be they grizzly or black bears.
Oh give us more wisdom oh great and all knowing armchair woodsmen.

Not having a means to defend yourself in the woods or while hiking is just asking for trouble. Bears aren't what I am worried about it's cougars that are the problem.
I know a guy from anchorage, I asked him if it was true that in alaska you could be charged for not having a .44 with you in the wilderness.

He started you probably wouldn't be charged but there are easier ways to committe suicide.

and clearly you didn't read the thread.
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