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Originally Posted by Lord Lorne Walkier View Post
Call me the optimist but I see a light at the end of the Grimdark tunnel. Things always seem the darkest before the dawn after all. From the start of the game, when I first laid eyes on the cover of Rogue Trader, I saw a desperate stand were at least one marine lived to tell the tale. Yeh, is was sad that most would die but survival can be a victory. Take Isstvan III. Most I think would say that Horus won this war. I think it was a Loyalist victory, because I think Horus needed to kill all of the loyalists to win. The fact that the Loyalists drug the war out for as long as they did was good enough but to have survivors that make it back to Terra to tell the story and give up inter legion secrets is just icing. To take this topic back to the OP I think the Grey Knights are the spark that could light the new dawn. But that's probably just me being a Loken, Fan boy, optimist.
For who? The billions they kill just to hide their existence and the existence of daemons?

They aren't the white knights in shining armor. They are knights treading a fine line. Between evil and good.
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