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Originally Posted by SwedeMarine View Post
am i the only one that would rather they bring back specialist games as opposed to starting a whole new system? maybe bridge the gap between gothic and 40k with a campaign book? Just saying.
I would love to see some of the specialist games return, but specialist games are very insular and niche, they are great for the bearded GW veteran, but to continue bringing new blood into the hobby i think GW also need to consider other broader reaching elements too, also the other thing to consider about specialist games is will people buy them? space hulk was a huge success, dreadfleet however wasnt and what were the reasons? space hulk had amazing miniatures that could be used in 40k as well as in space hulk which is also a cracking game, dreadfleet was totally different, amazing models but they could only be used in that game and a game whos game play never got much air time. If GW were to do specialist games they would need to rethink the stand alone game in a box and maybe look at the expandable specialist games to bring in future purchases, blood bowl in plastic with fully plastic teams and star players for example, epic Armageddon would need to be even bigger as we now have appoc, but again entire companies of marines in plastic in epic scale. Inquisitor with large scale model in plastic could work( might also stop them face planting) and yes battlefleet gothic in plastic makes total sense.

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