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Originally Posted by SilverTabby View Post
Lotr is the 'in' for the general public. If you've never heard of GW, you're still likely to have heard of LotR or the Hobbit, and having a game based on those brings new players in who would never have otherwise started.

When GW put their figures on the De Agnosti LotR collectable magazine, it brought in so many new players it was just silly.
Really? I didn't know. Like I said, I have never seen anyone playing them, and have hardly seen them at gaming stores. I had at best seen a few models and scenarios at some cons but that's about it.

Originally Posted by SilverTabby
LotR is the reason they can do the awesome plastic kits you're enjoying right now.
If I had awesome new plastic kits I wouldn't have quit buying GW stuff.

This said, thanks for the heads up, I seriously thought the LotR line was just a failure.
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