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Default 1k CSM in need of support

So I threw together a list using a unit which I actually recommended to someone else. I think it's a great unit to build a 1000 point force around, but I ran into an interesting problem. I have the core of the army built, but I am not sure what I should do for supporting units. This is a strange situation for me to be in, as I always play at 1k, and can normally decide fairly easily what to bring and why. That being said, I would really appreciate some C/C with this list. To start with, here is the list:


- WarpSmith w/ Aura Dark Glory, MoN

Elite- 175pts

- 5x Plague Marines w/ flamer, melta, rhino + dirge castor

Troops- 420pts

2 units of - 10x CSM w/ plasma, ML, rhino + dozer blade

265pts remain; here’s what I was thinking…
Auto Pred w/HBs + Mauler Fiend (220)
Havocs (3x AC, 1x LC) + ADL w/ quadgun (225)
Heldrake + 1x Oblit (240)
Terminators x 5 w/HF or AC + upgrades on other units (marks/Icons, melta bombs, etc) (~265)

The plan is to run the WarpSmith with the plague marines in the Rhino to provide mid-field/mid-range support. I know I could run duel plasma’s with the CSM’s, but it's been my experience that at 1k, the two ML will come in handy. Also, I didn’t consider Bikes with the remaining points because I need some AA support and/or solid AT/MC support, and I don’t think the bikes are the right tool for the job. Looking forward to any and all C/C!

[Note: it occurred to me the other day when I went to play this list that I had added incorrectly. Points remaining has been amended (and noted by other posts). Thanks again all]

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