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The game is meant to be fun however. I dunno things like this do depress me, I don't think there should be cut and dry victories and losses in 40k.

The IOM is stagnant and the story will never progress to the point it's wiped out otherwise there's no game, so victories at the cost of something are good, cut and paste "this guy is epic, he did this and did this massively important thing without repercussions" is kind of poor writing to me.

I think it was also a very bad idea to put a character from the HH into the book when the HH itself hasn't made clear whose his allegiances are to yet.

It's stuff like this and Alpha Legion infiltrating an entire chapter via the simple use of psychic graffiti that's kind of crappy. I mean when ever you see good space marines do anything it's at the sake of an entire company, losing a very important individual, sacrificing themselves, which is good (although you do get the ocassional "Blood Angels wtfpawned these dudes etc..) but Chaos, Chaos never seems to suffer from this, especially the big characters.

The most successful chaos figures that people like to read about such as Talos and Ahriman are those who succeed but only at the cost of something important to them. Abaddon being made to look like the big mofo all of a sudden due to literally doing what he achieves without a problem, doesn't make him interesting for me, it does the opposite. It turns me off want to know more about him.
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