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Originally Posted by Arcticor View Post
Xeno.....that powersword, oh my god. Everything is beautiful but that sword is just like..... wow. Any chance you could tell us how you did it? -Arcticor
It's a version of the lightning claw effect illustrated in the 'Eavy metal Masterclass book'. It's fairly easy to do as long as you have patience and you're willing to mix paints.

Goes something like this:
  • Black Primer
  • Thinned-down Regal blue (or similar colour in new range) in a haphazard fashion.
  • Paint subtle lines with Hawk Turquoise along the blade, trying to keep within the blue of the previous layer (but not a must).
  • Mix 3:1 Hawk Turquoise and Bleached Bone and paint on top of the previous lines (but thinner lines this time). Then apply a glaze of this mix over the blade - along the edges (kind of like a highlight but with a thin gradient of colour covering the edge of the blade).
  • Mix 1:1 of the previous colours and repeat the process (thin lines + glaze).
  • Mix 3:1 Bleached Bone and Hawk Turquoise and repeat the process (even thinner lines + glaze).
  • Use Skull White (or White Scars) to do edge highlight on the blade, you can also add this to the forks and splitting points of the lightning pattern on the blade to make it pop even more.

If you want you can also do layers of either blue, purple, black or green washes/glazes over the effect and make a subtle shift in colour to differentiate different power weapons.

Helps to have thinned paints, a good brush (Winsor & Newton Series 7 size 00 or even 000 is what I used for this) along with a steady hand and good lighting (daylight bulbs).

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Dear Mr. Biotic, I would agree. 2 spindly arms for the price of one makes sense. I'm not sure it will change how the scale looks to me, that they look too slender for marines. But 2 arms definitely makes sense, and would aid his work.
I will add this to my list of things to do, which is now so long that I cannot even see the end of it anymore... Damned addiction...



There has been no lack of hobby related happenings the last few weeks but there has been a substantial lack of updates. There is no reason in particular for this, I have just not been motivated to type out my thoughts and get things up on the forum. For two weeks or so I didn't even want to pick the camera up because I wasn't up to the editing process and after that work got bat-shit-crazy and I suddenly had no time to do it should I have wanted to.

As I mentioned there are lot of things on the desk at the moment - to mention a few of them but not all:
  • Dark Angel Ravenwing Techmarine conversion (for a friend - building the legs for the bike).
  • Magnetizing and prettying up a Flyrant, maybe building the base as well (for another friend)
  • Building/Converting a Vanguard Veteran Squad for the White Scars
  • Building/Converting a Tactical Squad for the White Scars
  • Building/Converting a Khan/Chapter Master on Bike for the White Scars
  • Building/Converting a Bike Squad for the White Scars (Mk IV outriders)
  • Building/Converting a Secret Project for the White Scars (more on that later)
  • Getting the new FW shoulders mounted on my built Night Lords units
  • Getting some Warhammer Fantasy Infantry Built (more on that later)
  • Getting a wicked Warhammer Fantasy Forgeworld monster built and converted onto a custom built base.

As you might imagine I need to cross some of this stuff of the list and believe me, I am trying. I just find myself blocked by all manner of minor obstacles and I keep shifting between them. This is partly the reason for the lack of updates lately - each project is interesting but there isn't enough project (in a unique enough manner) that I find it worthy of a post in this thread.


Finally finished! The first miniature for my "Siege of Terra"-era White Scars Brotherhood. Granted this one has fewer tribal markings than he should but there are some that sadly doesn't show up well in these pictures.

That's definitely one of the more prominent things I will need to consider on the coming miniatures and be more aggressive about as well (more markings and a good variation of them within the Brotherhood - I need a theme). I'm decently satisfied with the white armour right now, it borders on the "too dark" spectrum but it works with the weathering I believe. Most importantly it doesn't look like a big blob of white goo which I was afraid of when I started the project.

I've tried a couple of ways of painting white before, some of them are in this very thread at the very beginning. All of them where before I had an airbrush and as you will see they are brighter than what I have achieved here. The thing is though that I figured I wanted these White Scars to be battle damaged and pretty rough looking (mid-conflict / mid-transit between conflicts) so that any non-critical damage wouldn't have been repaired fully. Priority instead being given to rapid redeployment.

Also, with the weathering techniques I use you need to be able to highlight the damage to make it pop. So that's what I went in with in the back of my mind when I started this process. Admittedly I am not 100% confident that this is a bright enough colour combination to be perceived as a true white - all I can say is that I have the utmost respect for those that can pull white of on miniatures without it looking wonky.

The layers that I used on this miniature are as follows (as much for your pleasure as for my sieve like memory):
  • Black primer (airbrush)
  • Celestra Grey undercoat (airbrush) covering most of the black undercoat but not completely on all areas. Leaving it at a semi-see through state on the bottom most parts of the miniature (if the light hit from above) for shadow.
  • Ulthuan Grey (airbrush) from a slight angle, making sure to let the airbrush cast the highlight and the shadow interaction for me (as is standard with zenithal highlighting with an airbrush).
  • White Scars (airbrush) with VERY controlled burst adding VERY thin layers to the topmost parts of the miniature, slowly building up the brightness in the layer. Make sure that it's see-through and not a complete "block" of white colour on top of the other ones since that will ruin the final steps of the process.
  • With a piece of foam I add weathering effects with a couple of colours (a grey/black mix I have made myself and use regularly, along with chardonite grey and similar colours - depends on what you fancy really).
  • Gloss Varnish (airbrush)
  • Light Brown Oil wash (brush) into the recesses and across some of the larger areas. And as it dries I go over it with cotton buds to remove any excess and move the pigments around with that and a brush to create interesting weathering effects.
  • White Oil Colour (brush) in tiny amounts with a brush I go into the armour and add colour variations by working in the oil colour methodically. This gives a slight variation of hue in some areas and makes the armour look more alive. Usually works better on larger miniatures but I like the effect on the mk VI armour (since it has flat shoulderpads and larger greaves mostly).
  • Matt Varnish
  • White Scar extreme highlights (brush) are added where needed (to accentuate some edges and to give more depth to the weathering.

And that's about it for the white armour. I get the red pieces done within this process also but you asked specifically about the white armour so I left some pieces out of the entire process.

And while on the subject of white armour. Here's a hint of my own progress within the hobby. A Death Company Marine from my Brethren of the Phoenix which I painted back in 2010 (right at the beginning of this project log) next to the White Scar marine painted in just now. It's good to see that I've made progress and picked up a trick or two along the way:

There will be more White Scars as this thread progresses. Most of them in Mk IV and Mk VI armour (mix between the new plastic kits and the Forgeworld kits) to create a late Heresy Era feel. I'm thinking about a veteran brotherhood fighting back from the brink of destruction and then coming to prove their mettle at the Siege of Terra once more. Still considering a name for the Brotherhood and some of their own iconography. I also have some ideas of what to include in the army for fluff reasons and for playing reasons (both 30k and 40k). I'm leaning towards a Snow Leopards and Hawk theme but I'm still drawing blanks about the actual name of the Brotherhood.

Anyway, there will also be more Night Lords to come, building and converting things for them as we speak.

Finally we have the Warhammer Fantasy Project that just got kicked into life. It's actually more of a fantasy + 40k cross-over hybrid. Only a few things built and planned for this right now.

Would you prefer more frequent updates with varied content and maybe more minor progress reports or do you prefer it to remain a more semi-frequent plog with mostly finished conversions and painted miniatures? I could go either way and I'd like my readers to be... Happy. Share your thoughts.

Till next time !

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