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Originally Posted by Child-of-the-Emperor View Post
"The theme behind Warhammer 40,000 isn't that the Imperium will one day emerge triumphant. It's the chronicle of how humanity ends, inch by inch."
indeed, you correctly state "humanity", for me that is on both sides of the fence, not just one, if you remember the conversation Talos had with Abaddon in soul hunter, that was very refreshing for me, from that discussion it seemed on both sides of the fence humanity is losing the fight, this is not the perception I have as of late, it seems there is an overcompensation for the failbaddon perception.
I admit, I am a little biased towards the IOM, but not enough to not appreciate Chaos, I really enjoy chaos characters such as Talos, Ahriman,Lucius, Xarl..., and the more cunning chaos strategies, e.g. the crimson path and the astropath killing by Talos, or the gene seed thing by the IW, immense blow to the IOM.
The problem I have is that there is no balance on the IOM. I would like to see some more interesting initiatives from the IOM side towards chaos, not just sent the GK and the IG.
I have the feeling that the author's with most imagination on this behalf are mainly writing 30K or chaos oriented, the most obvious example of which is ADB.

I do mind the IOM is going down, but they should go down kicking at least some arse, now it seems there is hardly any challenge for the opponents of the IOM,
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