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Originally Posted by dragonkingofthestars View Post
well, yes but why would it be a give way is what i don't understand.
The museum at WHW is where they showcase all the 'Eavy Metal armies. Lise does a marvellous job organising it despite the guys in pre-production being rubbish at putting things back after they photograph it. When a new army comes out, she makes displays to show them. When something new gets done (like these mirror-coverings) it usually ties in with something new happening. The fact that it's started with two armies rumoured to be the next releases could either be coincidence, or convenience that the cabinets are virtually empty at present.

However, the cabinets being virtually empty at present (and in the case of the nids, has been all but empty for months) is another hint at a near release, as it's being used for photography.

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