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Crap, I forgot about the pics!

Well it was the first night of our 3 month campaign at the FLGS tonight, starting with the 15ss games. Was fun and somehow I managed to tie the game 3-3 (probably my opponent being a good sport and holding back a bit and not completely kicking my ass...;-), but I am still learning the rules, it will take time I guess...

That Francisco-only upgrade card is pretty much an auto-include, I think. He gets Hard to Kill and then can regenerate wounds. Santiago is hard to kill too, so it made for a tough crew very forgiving of mistakes....Then I had Papa Loco to make up the 15pts.

Cool thing with Papa Loco tonight: I was doing Framed for Murder scheme along with the scheme where you get a VP for killing a particular model: I got him into melee and then he died, so gained a VP under Framed for Murder. But then he dropped his dynamite upon death and that killed the opposing model too! So got 2VP for that! lol
Dunno if that is a legitimate tactic, or if it was just fluke...But thought i'd share it, as I am writing this from a beginners perspective.

Gonna try getting another game in Wednesday. Fun times.
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