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I was a bit upset at the end of the penultimate episode when the Doctore died - NOOOO David Tennant cant go, hes the best! A bit of a wierd turn of events there...
quite kwl the way that Donna absoarbed aprt of the Doctor to become the Donna-Doctor
i doubt the Daleks will ever truley be destroyed, and thats just the way i like it. it means that, if the Doctor Who crew ever run out of ideas for new monstes, there is always a fail-safe that everyone loves.
i was a bit dissapointed about the apparent dissaperance of a) The bees dissapering, which has been hinted at throughout the last 2 serieses (sp?) and b) the absance of the Doctors daughter, cant remember her name atm.
i would imagin that both of these topics will be covered at some point in the new series, but they would have been good to fit in somewhere with the Daleks.
Btw, who do people think will be the new Doctors assistant? (im hoping for ann robinson - she'd put the Doctor in his place) and what is with the new(ish) Cybermen? they used to look quite good (for the 70s) but i really think that they could have been done better - i dont like the wierd square thing on their head.)

Anyway, i cant wait for Christmas!

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