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Originally Posted by Lord Pestilice View Post
I dont think all flamers for your tac squads is necessarily the way to go. It will work good vs hordes, but not much else (i.e. MEQ). Perhaps look at giving your Librarian The Shield Eternal as opposed to just a regular SS.
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I think the shield eternal is a bit pricey for a two-wound support HQ, but something to consider. Also, flamers are cheap and complement the bolter quite well, adding automatic hits for the small unit in shooting. In any tournament list, there will of course be things that are better against TEQs, MEQs, hordes, etc. Replacing the flamer with a plasma gun is tempting but would cost 40 points for all four squads. I just don't think that change would make its points back with the current setup.
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