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Default The Hobbit 2: Credits Music released

So PJ and Warner Bro's have gone ahead and released the track that will be playing over the credits for the Hobbit 2 no doubt as another way of building hype for the film. At the recommendations of PJ's daughter he went with Ed Sheeran for the song. I'd heard of him before but not really listened to any of his stuff. Anyway:

I was fully prepared not to like this but I was quite pleasantly surprised by it. It's a lot better than the rather try hardish one that the Finn Brothers did for the first film and while they may be hamstrung a little by the lyrics they had to work with and expand upon I'm still not a fan of the way they worked with the song. I actually really enjoy the version from the film itself. In comparison I think "I see fire" hits the right amount of film references while also being marketable as a stand alone single from Sheeran. It also fits when the established trend that PJ has for credit songs from the Tolkien films which do tend to be softer and reflectory (it's a word... made up by me). No idea if the film will be any good or not but at least I know I will enjoy the credits!
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