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I'm not sold on Honour Guards for BA. They're super costly and don't do anything better than other options, DC kill in CC better and RAS are scoring. Both options are less expensive.

If you run DC you should make a point of taking either a Reclusiarch for your HQ or putting your Chaplain in that squad. Better yet, if you want to use JPs for them (which again I think is a waste of points, but I get the cool factor) take Lemartez! He's a solid choice and won't eat up an Elites choice.

The tactical squad in a LRC...is odd. Even with the Priest (who I always kit with a power sword/lightning claw to capitalize on his WS5 stat) it's still not a CC unit in an assault vehicle. I often use either my DC or a non-jump pack RAS inside my pair of LRCs. Why not put the Terminators in the LRC and leave the Tactical squad holding a backfield objective? I definitely keep my Priests in CC oriented units, but if you think it's cool to put him with the Tactical marines then it's cool.

You could definitely stand to boost that 5 man RAS with more models. 10 mas RAS with a Priest is a wonderful thing. Plasma is a personal preference I find, but unless you're facing a lot of TEQ I'd go either flamers for an infantry focus or meltas for an armour focus in the squad.

As far as the DC goes, I broke the IP off my DC model a long time ago because I got tired of it being ineffectual or having to say "oh, and this guy doesn't actually have an Infernus Pistol" at the beginning of every game with friends. Same with the JPs, but that's because I can use those points elsewhere and field my DC in a LRC most every time they hit the table.

Moving on to what you want to add, like I said before having 10 man RAS squads is key to their survival. It is worth shifting your Priest from the Tactical squad to this squad and giving him a JP. I use one priest to cover two RAS and it works great. Bike squads I dislike, but have certainly used attack bike squads with MMs for extra armour hunting against heavy mechanized armies....until I got a drop pod and started dropping in a melta RAS squad up in my enemy's grill T1. With dreadnoughts: I am underwhelmed by the DC one's AV12. When my Furioso's hit squads of marines with krak grenades all they can do is stand and die turn after turn because of ATSKNF stopping them from retreating or being swept and AV13 being impossible to glance in CC for all but the most well equipped squads. If you check my BA project log via the link in my signature you can see how I magnetized a the front plates to be able to switch between Furioso and Furioso Librarian (which is another fecking awesome model). If you want to field another tank with your LRC, a Predator w/ auto/las weapons popping transports from backfield while so the LRC + contents can take care of the squishy centre is pretty awesome. If you want something to keep up with the LRC and provide support the Baal is tits.

Hope this helps get some thoughts going!

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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