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Thanks for the positive feedback!

Most lately I've been embarrassing myself with converting a dreadknight... on a timeline. I'm stopping here and painting the thing, but I need to get some personal projects going to learn how to sculpt and how to convert things better.

This gap is really annoying me, but it is only visible from below the unit. Normally that would be a dealbreaker for me... actually it still is. I guess I'll keep working on it.

You can't see it, but that gap between dreadnought chassis and Dreadknight torso is closed by a recursive section of the IG armour.

Fixing this now, somehow.

As much as this modelling is annoying me (Darwin heat and hayfever are not to a scalpel, plastic model and glue conducive) I am getting more and more excited about painting this and making it look nice.


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