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As Elias slowly approached the source of the noise, the sight of someone crouched over something getting more and more clear. He eventually saw the horrific sight of a young boy tearing chunks out of a rat. Before Elias even had the chance to blow that creature away, he heard ear-piercing howls and screeches from all around him, before an entire horde of the infected poured out from every tunnel and dark corner, charging at the group of Justicars and Civil Wardens. Gunfire echoed through the dark chambers of the sewers, with the sound of the heavy splashes of bodies falling clear in the chaos. One of the Civil Wardens was bitten in the throat, causing him to scream out in pain, before he was silenced when the infected tore out his throat.

Elias himself pulled out his revolver, holding his shotgun in his left hand while firing at any of the shadows that were charging towards him. He let out all six shots, not even sure if any of them managed to hit something. Holstering the revolver back into his pocket, he blew away one of the infected that was about to bite a Civil Warden with his shotgun. Elias was suddenly turned around, just in time to realize that one of the infected was about to grab him. In the split second he had, Elias grabbed the infected man by the neck, desperately trying to keep it from getting too close. Mustering all the strength he could possibly gather, Elias pushed the infected away, sending it stumbling back and tumbling into the water. In a fit of blind rage, Elias started to repeatedly stomp on the creature's head, shouting something indistinct while the head of the infected was reduced to a bloody pulp.

It was then that he heard two shots from far off. Elias fired his shotgun into an infected's head, causing it to fly apart and splatter the walls with blood and gore. He turned around and saw a man with a torn long coat. Elias could tell that this man went through, his white hair barely covering the scars that littered his face. The man moved towards Elias and called out to him.

"What business have you in the sewers?"

Elias lowered his weapon and answered back to the man, who was now standing directly in front of him.

"Confirming suspicions. What's yours?"

"Protecting the people. What's happening on the surface?"

"Situation's bad, tension between Colonials and the natives rising, reports of the infected sneaking into the city. Could cause complications in the near future"

"There's scores of the infected down in the lower levels. Too many families sheltering infected relatives. There's a war coming, and once the smoke clears.... I'm not sure if there even is going to be a winning side."

The man went off to get something, and Elias followed behind. The man picked up a large pack and Elias tapped him on the shoulders

"We should go back to the surface, tell the others about the infected down here"
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