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Update again!

Progress is slow; I have only had one or two hours the past evenings to paint. I’ve managed to do all the highlighting of the armor trims and metal parts of his armor. I haven’t however gotten around to doing the spikes on his back, those will probably be done last.

So what I plan on doing until my next update is paint the red cloth, the “claws” on the PF and the fur. I think I’m going to go with grey fur. I’m thinking of basing with Eshin Grey, then Nuln Oil wash. Then a heavy drybrush of Dawnstone Grey, then a light drybrush with Administratum Grey. Then doing extreme highlights with either Russ Grey (for a blue-ish tone) or a white (for a more white-ish tone, duh). Any thoughts on how that would look?

Anyway, here are some photos of the latest progress. The first picture is after highlights with Runelord Brass on the Scorpion Brass trims, and the second picture is after the highlights with Runefang Steel on the metal parts and armor trims.

Miami out.
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