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(Well the hell, I can't stay out of a fallout roleplay as hard as I try. I just can't, the feels are too strong, the games were from my most favorites, holy hell I am making a character RIGHT now for this and the whole story just jumps on me!)

Username: RoleplayKutu

Name: Gabriel

-Codename: Golden Eye
Your eye is not your own and little escapes it's gaze no matter the conditions you're faced with. it comes with a complete sweet of tactical, night vision, thermal, x-ray, and even electromagnetic imaging capabilities allowing you to see the full spectrum of things. Changing your vision is as easy as thinking about it, acting on what you see is a different thing. Why use a high powered scope when you can use your eye?

Age: 42
Sex: M
Appearance: Gabriel holds a sturdy build of 1.9 m broad on the shoulder with crow-black hair and his natural blue eye. The right eye is modified as his code name suggests and it has a greenish hue inside it. His facial details are not seen because they are hidden behind the curl of his unshaven beard around the mouth while the tangle of his messy hair go as far behind as the shoulders. Wears a reinforced armor that was oft-times patched up by him although he has removed all the silly spikes deeming them unnecessary.

Weapons: Although he has salvaged many and more the current weapons he has are a combat shotgun, a machete and a damaged mesmetron which he wants to get repaired as soon as possible(Bio will explain why).

Gear: 2 Stimpacks, Reinforced Metal Armor, Combat Shotgun, Machete, Mesmetron(Damaged), 12 Shotgun shells, 4 Mesmetron EC, 2 slaver collars and a bottle of Sunset Sarsaparilla.
Also, a silver necklace with a pendant in the middle of it and the letters PF scribbled in black.

Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 5
Agility: 4
Luck: 6

Preferences: Ballistics weapons that kick a lot at the enemies. His travels have given him experience even with Energy Weaponry so if he finds something strong, he is gonna wield it.

(Bio is large but I really got the inspiration for this one and I hope it will be a good read to catch the character's divination as this will be his ultimate approach in the tasks that will be expected of him as a member of the delvers.)

Biography: Gabriel was one simple boy who was raised up in the vast wasteland in a family where they had little more than a god-sent patch of clean soil in which they could plant a handful of fruit that would feed them. With the company of his bigger brother, he wasn't bored though. They would toy around all the time. But when he was 18, the bigger brother left saying that he had to serve his country, something little Gabriel was too young to understand. "Protect mum and dad he told him before he wandered to the unknown.

As time went by, the boy of the family had to set out to seek a better fortune. He became a hunter and a scavenger and he was passing around settlements selling whatever he could find out there. Gladly he would find the food he needed so he wasn't like all the skinny children he would often encounter. His travels brought him towards a central part of the Capital Wasteland. He was 19 years old at the time, a full grown up adventurer.

As he was pacing down a block of rubble he heard a shriek. He immediately held tight the rifle he had at the time and went down to see some travelers ambushed by a group of Super Mutants. He quickly joined the fight ambushing the mutants from behind and shooting one's brains off. In the delirium that ensued the travelers fought back and the ambush was undone. As the people thanked him and started looting the mutants for their valuable weaponry he helped a young woman from the group stand up. She was lean with long black hair and blue eyes like his, dressed in a leather armor that fit her perfectly, she was around his age, maybe a year or two older, as beautiful as Gabriel had only imagined a girl could be and she was smiling at him.

"We are glad you came to help us, you look like you can handle yourself well." She exclaimed never stopping her smile.
"I always have time for those who need help." was Gabriel's response at the time.
The woman would only smile a wicked one this time and whisper at his ear: "Better kick off that habit then." She paced away and nodded towards him. "You should follow us, we could use your help.".
"Sure" was Gabriel's response.

He traveled with the group of 5 people north searching an empty gas station on their way for food and other valuables. The woman, whose name was Eleonore would often start a chat with him, asking him about his origins, his family and his other habits. She seemed to take a good thinking at his answers which worried him a bit. By nightfall they had arrived in the ruins of a small hotel by the hillside, half crumbling but it seemed inhabited. The travelers greeted the guards on the doors. When a fierce-looking guy tried to block Gabriel, Eeonore waved him away saying: "Let him be smelly oaf. He is with us." Then looked back at the confused hunter and nodded him to move, always with that wicked smile.

As they were in the hotel atrium he started to feel odd, seeing weapons stashed in every corner of the room, weird looking people coming and going from the top floors, exchanging words with travelers and speaking of destinations and ends.

"Are you in a caravan company?" Was Gabriel's first question once he and Eleonore were at the stairs to the first floor.
"You can say that, although our merchandise is much more, interesting." she chuckled out.
"Oh, uh maybe you would like to hire me, as a guard or something, you saw I can handle myself."
"We would definitely want you around us, I would definitely want you around me if you mean me friend."

That left Gabriel without words for a good deal of time. The first floor had rations and supplies and a locked door to the third floor which seemed a lot taller. Eleonore produced a rusty key and opened the door, only to lead Gabriel even more upstairs. She broke the silence.

"Our headquarters is a very nice place, you will definitely like it. And you can become a merchant, like me." She smiled that wicked grin again.
"Oh, please I am definitely not suited for this job." Gabriel said blushing.
"You are made for this job, darling." Hehe.
"I think you need to explain me better what you're doing."

Eleonore sat in the ledge of the staircase and moved one arm behind his neck, brushing his hair. "What is life all about in the wastes, Gabriel? A constant war. All you need to survive is power. But we are not going to war, we are going to paradise. Paradise Falls, I said you will love the place. There is always work in there, you get free caps for being strong and you will always sell your merchandise there. We have improved you will see. Our own robots, our own inquiries, people from all over the waste will seek to bring some paradise with them to help them in anything they will ever need."

Gabriel then realized he was dealing with slavers. The thought had never come to his mind. He was without words, all this talk about power. His weapons could earn him a good living. And Eleonore was again whispering at him now and the smell of her hair was the first clean smell he had sniffed his entire life. And he was feeling good, again for the first time in his life, more than good.

Mesmerized as he was, he followed Eleonore up to the third floor. There she led him towards a door where they were all packed up, slaves from the local area huddled up, handcuffed, collared and pleading as soon as the door opened.

"There is something I want you to see", she told him and she went in the room and came out dragging two huddled slaves from their hair that looked well past their fifties. She dropped them on his feet and came behind him, her hands slipping around him, gently passing above his crotch and closing around his chest lightly as feathers. She rested her face next to his in breathing range from his ear.

"You are what we need in paradise Gabriel, I know you will be a great addition. Remember what I told you, only through force you will get your message across. But we have plenty of time for messages, before you found us you know our previous ranging was in your home area. I think you can recognize the merchandise."

Gabriel lost his breath at the sight of the two slaves in his feet that he just realized were his parents. He was paralyzed, his senses had stopped working and all he was aware of was Eleonore wrapped behind him.

"Paradise wants you, no, I want you Gabriel and this is why. The answer is right in front of you. You cannot possibly choose to be with the weak. All we can do is ignore them and move to greater places, move to make a fortune and become from the ones that really matter. Not pawns but players in the game. What will it be?" Was her final question and Gabriel could almost feel the tip of her tongue at his neck for a moment.

Inside him Gabriel would shudder at the choice he had to make, he was at the slaver's hideout. The choice he had decided to make would definitely cause reactions, and he hoped nobody would try to stop him. He had decided that he wouldn't live with that guilt for the rest of his life, that he would do his duty, to himself most importantly. He looked down at his relatives. They were beaten and injured so none could really stand up and he could make out the common word in their lips. Please.

With his left hand he unsheathed his machete and curled his hand around its grip like a fist. The blade was straight at Eleonore's face who was still embracing him warmly. One action was all he would do and this would be over. And so he did.

With the fist around the grip of his weapon he knocked the slaves back and with a quick side step he slammed the door shut. He turned directly around noticing the room on the right side of the floor that was mostly private quarters. He slashed at the knob of that door opening it, sheathed his knife and pushed Eleonore inside. For now the wicked grin was on his face and his eyes had changed. From naive, he had transformed to something better, and he knew that he would finally do what he could have regretted not doing for the rest of his life.
When his expression was reflected back, he closed the door behind them and it was his turn to embrace her. The face, the smile, the smell on the hair, his paradise was within his grasp. What transpired inside the room later is better thought than typed.

This was the beginning of Gabriel's new life. A slaver of Paradise Falls, the new fortress of the capital wasteland would be his headquarters and together with Eleonore they were the perfect duo. They would go range as far as their feet would take them, get their bounties with all their bonuses and maintain the scores for most merchandise sold every period. The wicked grin would stay on Gabriel that far, and each time that he went to sleep with Eleonore huddled in his arms he couldn't be more happy for the choice he had made. Until the inevitable ranging came.

Gabriel had heard of karma, although he never believed in it. There was no repayment on actions he had learned in the place where the strong would take from the weak. But karma might have existed after all.
8 years later from his recruitment as he was going back to the Falls a shadow dropped above them. It was what he later would realize as an Enclave machine, a flying vehicle that was meant for transporting warriors and it was just unloading a bunch of them. The slavers quickly took their positions, the miniguns on the tower of their fortress taking fire at the invaders.

What these men wanted so bad that they were wasting so much plasma at, Gabriel wouldn't know but he was a slaver and he had to uphold his reputation. For at the heat of the battle as the slavers were coming out to help their wounded he and Eleonore would charge from their cover shooting the Enclave paramedics from behind trying to deal a finishing shot at the invaders. But their weaponry was no match for their technology. An electrifying shock paralyzed all the slavers around. The Enclave sergeant was now above Gabriel his plasma pistol pointed at his face. The sergeant had lost his power helmet and the feelings that followed were too mixed to be understood.

"The slavers took our parents and you weren't even there to protect them. Then I find out that not only you became a slaver but that you didn't even try to save them. The Enclave has eyes everywhere and they show me that you are no brother, you are a vile monster and now I will deliver the justice our parents deserved! See my men. They followed me in this just cause. This is our pride and you do not deserve to be in the world we will seek to create."

What followed was a mess of actions. The sergeant raised his pistol aiming at Gabriel's head, but he wasn't alone. Eleonore having partly recovered from paralysis rolled right above the target with her mesmetron in hand. It directly hit the sergeant's face and in the next seconds that transpired, a loud "ft-balch" and Gabriel's big brother was now a headless corpse. But that wasn't the end of it. He shuddered when he realized Eleonore had taken the shot for him on her chest, to save his life.

"Why???" he called out holding her as tight as he could.
"You.. have bad influence on me you know that? I actually had time for someone who needed help." Were her final words as her eyes closed with the wicked grin always remaining there.

What followed was mostly unimpressive. After that lightning bolt of retribution, the enclave sodliers bundled up Gabriel and a bunch of wounded slavers and loaded them up in their vehicle before the Fall's rocket launchers would hit their mark. He was delivered on the northern mountain outpost of the Enclave where he remained a prisoner of the state, often used in dangerous extractions in ore mines below the mountaintops. For 18 years he sustained that, planning his escape most carefully. One soldier injured in the mines was all it took and he immediately punched the guy down, got his gear and walked out, straight as any other. That attempt had cost him his right eye trying to slide in the dangerous tunnel with sharp stones constantly raining above and with the soldier behind him ,who soon got wounded by these perils, but a bandage he had found some months ago was all he needed for the time being. Feeling extremely uncomfortable in the Enclave gear and filled with a new found strength to escape this hell, he huddled all he could(the gear he has currently) and set out for a new chance of life in this alien place(the place where the rp takes place).

The mountainous area had little game and the forest was more dangerous than helpful but he eventually came in contact with the dungeon delvers. He was injured, his damaged eye was in a definitely bad state and he was almost famished, ready to crumble from his wounds. He would approach their scouts silently and ask for help, they led him to a small outpost and explained him who they were before asking him to join them. He silently accepted their training knowing he had nothing else to do. Journeying back to the Falls wasn't an option, not with the painful memory of the irreplaceable love he lost.

During his time at the delvers he was always silent, considering the life he had spent in his home, in the prisons, but most of all the time he had spent with Eleonore and he still had the memory of their first night.

He finished his training resilient and after he got the gear with which he had found the delvers again and a brand new mechanical eye that seemed to be engineered to help him see many and more, he was ready for his mission, ready to prove that he was still strong and that he was still someone to be feared.
Were his enemies to disagree, the slaver equipment would come in handy to convince them otherwise.

-I would throw it a syntax check but I am sleepy now so I will apologize for now and do it tomorrow morning -(Done.)

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