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right then, time to clear some things up.

first bits first, This RP is not taking place in washington DC. also only vault within "walking distance" of megaton is old 101. as far as area where the RP takes place? think along the rocky mountains and i believe it's called the Canadian shield up beyond the border. so think of the area between the northwest states and Canada. pretty much heavy Forrest, well irradiated nuked Forrest now but that's a bit beside the point, and mountains, lots of vinyards from pre war era.

as for the vault 86 relationship with the delvers. it pretty much goes hand and hand. vault 86 "abandoned" it's original purpose to help create the first delvers. it's scientists and medical personnel shifting focus to develop medical practices to implant the delvers with the transmitter chips for the watchers and send back video data to the vaults. It's likely you would have gone to the "theater" in the vault to watch censored or edited versions of some of these recordings and transmissions. tests based on implant construction, adaptation, and installation would have been common place. much of the vault life would remain the same, Goat would still exist, all the varous rolls and what not would be the same. but everything would be much more focused, and one of the more "prized" results from the vault would be "Watcher". A you have a pipboy, B you're intimately familiar with the implants and C you become what you learn about. that's not saying other rolls aren't sought after though.

time table for the vault door being open? assume around 2168 with the current year being 2282. so little over a hundred years has passed since the vault doors opened. mind you people still stick to the vault like glue because lets face it, outside is a tad bit bonkers, like seven different flavors of bonkers at once with sprinkles.

the closest town would be called "Red Wood". not a single red wood tree in sight but a sign still remains that says redwood and it happens to be on the edge of what is now considered "town". The town's not too bad off. has a bit of a radroach and giant scorpion problem but that's par for the course out in the waist land. they're lucky they dont have an issue with deathclaws... which the black citadel does hence why no one ventures near it. for reasons mostly unknown to all but the higher ups, the deathclaws seem to leave the citadel alone as well as vault 86, but they are close and they are visible. they'll kill ya if you're stupid (IE out and about broadcasting HEY I"M HERE! with loud noises and such).

The delvers undergo around 3 years of "training" where they're known as Acolytes. after completing what seems like a never ending torrent of "smaller missions" they are awarded with what's come to be seen as a right of passage and undergo a public operation where they receive their monitor implants and are linked to a "watcher" (all watchers are simply known as watcher.) this is done like a ceremony. it's big, it's public (least for other acolytes, members of the Dungeon delvers, and the lot from vault 86 where it is broadcasted via video.) and it's a moment people work towards. surviving as an acolyte isn't easy, and if you make it 3 years it's pretty much garenteed that you undergo the "electric soul" operation and become a full blown delver.

there are four levels to the delvers.
Acolyte: hopefuls. recruits, the like. 3 years of training and lowest of the totem pole. not even full members. much of the tech and resources are not available. it is however the beginning of genetic implantation and controlled mutations. IE firebugs and golden eyes, not to mention truck. the hacking and lock picking implants would also be put into the mouse at this point.

Hidden: you've just received the "electric soul" implant and are now linked to a watcher. you're apart of a squad and a full blown member of the delvers. though you're still a rookie in their eyes and you know it.

Soul Bound: Veterans, warriors, survivors and legends. The soul bound are the ones the radios speak of.

Legion: These are the highest ranking members of the group known as the Dungeon Delvers. Second only to the council of 13. to see one is to see what people would call a living myth. they are ones who are sometimes held as high as the nords held the Asgard.

Council of 13: not normally an obtainable rank. the council of 13 is the ruling body of the dungeon delvers. they receive the jobs, tasks, missions, and contracts and then turn them over to the appropriate squad. the council of 13 does not make public appearances. The overseer of vault 86 is one of it's members, the other members are unknown.

if you have questions, ideas, or concerns please post them! cant help fill in the blanks if i dont know there is a blank... obviously there was a large one... my fault on that.

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