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This is actually the second background I had in my head in case the vault one did not work out

Username: Tyranno The Destroyer





Appearance:Du’van stands at about 5’11 and is very slim. He wears glasses at all times and carries a spare set always. He has curly ginger hair. Freckles are located around his nose and have even begun to group up together to form what Du’van refers to as “Super Freckles” His eyes are the colour green and his forehead is usually covered by his hair. Wears Talon company merc armour which he “Borrowed” from a dead Merc

Weapons: Hunting Rifle

Gear: Bobby pins, Stimpacks, Talon Company armour, Pack of mentats.

Special: Base 5 for all stats, in other words everything starts at 5. you have 5 additional points to spend and can lower others to increase others.
Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 6
Luck: 6

Preferences: Hacking robots and turrets to do his work but f required will try to sit back and shoot at them with his Hunting rifle

Biography: Du’van was born in a small travelling community of caraveners. The life was a simple one if you exclude the super mutants, Slavers, Raiders and almost everything else that moved so the one rule of the caravans was that you must be able to help. Du'van was born with his parents being very well known in the caravan with his mother being very handy around tools able to fix up weapons and armor provided she had the required parts and his father being one of the guards being a crack shot. Du'van's birth was difficult being the fact that they where under slaver attack while it happened but the caravan came on through and continued on its merry way. As Du'van grew up his father regularly took him out shooting teaching him the basics of aiming and firing while his mother taught him how to keep the gun repaired and functional. It was when one time his father was listening to a radio station that kept going on about a group known as the "Dungeon Delvers" the radio kept telling about there story as his father just sat there and listened occasionally a smile coming across his face as the report went on. Du'van listened and heard accounts of fierce fighters which slip in and out like ghosts and where unafraid of anything. To Du'van it sounded like the perfect life however his place was in the caravans. He had a knack for tech so the lessons with his father had decreased but as a result he spent more time with his uncle on his mothers side who kept robots up and running as well as hacked into terminals to get information after all you would be surprised at how much you could sell information for. So Du'van's life was good. Trade was high and the caravan had grown larger now being more of a mobile town than anything. However. As the caravan grew larger more attention was brought to it. A large slaver attack hit the caravan in the dead of night as members of the community revealed their true colours and killed from within. Du'van was with his uncle getting a new sentry bot up and running when a slaver came into there hiding spot and killed his uncle in front of his eyes. Another slaver came round the corner and hit the first slaver around the head yelling about "We cant take slaves if they are dead." Using this time Du'van turned on the robot. The robot came alive with its one mission which his uncle had put in before he died. Protect Du'van. The minigun on the bot whirred to life and mowed down the two slavers and then continued out to keep firing at the threat. Looking down at the corpse of his uncle Du'van slumped and cried. After about fifteen minutes he realised the bot had stopped firing. He looked up at the door to see the bot still there. Getting up he looked outside. The caravan was gone. Dead people on the ground of both factions lay on the floor. After a day of going through the corpses he found his dad. Dead. But he could not find his mother. Du'van knew the wastes. She was a slave now. Du'van wanted to cry but he could not. This was it. The end. But something flared up inside and he began walking. The bot followed. The pair kept going untill they hit a town known as Red Wood. walking in he bought some food, water and scrap metal to fix some damage the bot had taken. For the next two years Du'van and the bot would go into building scavenge them and then trade them at various twons. After all from his life he had learned to shoot, Scavenge, Hack and repair. It was however at the age of fifteen he ran into the "Delvers" After entering a new building Du'van could feel something off. Nothing was around but it felt different. Going over to a computer nearby and hacking into it. He got some security camera footage from the camera he could see on the way in and a small stash of Nuka-Cola in the desk it was on. It was then he learned of people entering the building not to long ago. But why? This building a=had been explored a bit and was deemed too dangerous to go in deep due to a nest of mirelurks was inside. Du'van was not just going to allow some guys to swoop on in and steal the good loot so he quickly went deeper into the building. It was then when Du'van ran into the mirelurks. They ran forward and destroyed the bot like it was made of paper. The mirelurks paced around Du'van as he desperately tried to hack the turret controls. Gunshots cam from the left as the group who entered the building began to fire at the mirelurks. Du'van saw this as his chance and worked faster line upon lide of code blurring together but his fingers kept moving. After half a minute of the firefight beginning Du'van was in and turned on the turrets doing their targeting profile on the fly. The guns opened fire as the mirelurks where caught in a cross fire between the turrets and the group falling quickly. The slaughter ended quickly and Du'van went on over to his robot. The thing was destroyed entirely. No amount of scrap was going to fix this. The leader of the group walked forward and addressed himself. As he mentioned his name Du'van's memory flashed back to his father and the radio. No way where these guys Delvers? The Leader carried on talking and asked how he hacked into the security system and got the turrets functioning fine in the speed he would of expected someone with implants to do so. With that Du'van told his story to the man. After it was over the man offered to take him back. Du'van looked up and simply said "I want to be one of you." Surprised the man ordered the squad over and made hushed discussions with them. After a tense minute the talking stopped and the man turned around. "Right we will take you." He said simply as the squad left the room. After a simple journey he was taken to the operations base. Here he was asked to demonstrate his skills in front of some more Delvers. After he had finished he was told he was allowed on as a accolade. His training was harsh as he once came back as the only surviving member of a squad after this mission though he was installed with his basic implants. Afterwards he tried to use the computer inly to see lines of code to form words. So with his new implants he was assigned to another squad.

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