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I'm really REALLY tired of this modern trend, where everyone plays a lawyer on the internet, and demands a refund. Every single time they get a little grudge in a product, or it wasn't what they personally expected they cry "I demand my money back!"

Heck even those who have played games for 30+ hours, read a book that didn't end the way they wanted or they got disappointed in a movie, they demand a refund.

A good example is found here:
The first user review isn't satisfied with the book and demands a refund. This stupidity is beyond words.

Guess what. Refunds only happen in a product was sold in a direct lie - Not because you were too goddamn stupid to read the description of the purchase you made. Just because it didn't contain that special rule you hoped, doesn't mean you can get a refund.

Stop blaming the world and start actually thinking about what you spend your money on.

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