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So a quick update!

My Lord is well under way. ĒUnfortunatelyĒ I had some visitors this weekend which hindered my painting. But I was able to sit down on Sunday for a good 5-6 hours at least. I managed to snap some photos of my progress after (almost) every step.

Iíve practiced doing multiple thin layers on this model. The results are smooth and nice, but it takes sooo much time! And getting good results on black armor is hardÖ

A quick question to anyone reading: how do you transfer paints from the pots to your palette? I just load up a brush with paint and transfer it a couple times, then dip it in water and mix the water with the paint. Is there a better way to transfer and thin your paints?

Chaos Lord step-by-almost-step

1. Eshin Grey + Lahmium Medium, painting top 2/3 of black armor
2. Dawnstone + Lahmium Medium, painting top Ĺ of black armor
3. Administratum Grey + Lahmium medium, painting top ľ of black armor
4. Doombull Brown on the cloth parts

5. I skip a few steps here, because I forgot to take pictures. Anyways Iíve painted the Bolter with Warplock Bronze. Then I washed the black armor, Warplock Bronze and Doombull Brown parts with Nuln Oil. I then painted Leadbelcher on to the parts I want to be metal, and then washed them with Agrax Earthshade.
6. Brass Scorpion was painted on to armor trims etc
7. Brass Scorpion is washed with Warplock Bronze mixed with Lahmium Medium. This tones down the shininess a lot and gives the armor a very ancient look to it. However I think in the future I may want it just a little bit brighter, and I believe I might be able to achieve that effect by using more Lahmium Medium in this shade. I used 1:1 here; I think 1:2 or maybe even 1:3 will make it look better.

So yeah, Iíll be continuing on this guy when I get home.

Anyone have any tips/ideas for how I should paint the fur on his cloak? Iím not even sure what color I want yet, grey or brown? Or try something more drastic to make the model stick out?! Oh and I havenít painted the claws on the power fist yet. Not sure if I want them metal or have a similar effect to the axe of the other Terminator. Any suggestions there?

Miami out.
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