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Default Fallout: The Dungeon Delvers

The Dungeon Delvers, a name mostly unknown to all but those who know to seek them out. they make their home in the old hallowed out high tech cathedrals that rest above the site of Vault 86. The Dungeon delvers could be mistaken for mercenaries, guns for higher, or a clean up crew, but in actuality they are much more. The Dungeon delvers are a guild of professional explorers with a upbringing and inner society as rich as that of the brotherhood of steel. They are a cabal of men and women dedicated to going into places where no sane person would venture. these are men and wemon shrouded in legend, fables, and ghost stories. they are one of the topics told around camp fires and pires in the night amongst travelers and bandits alike. in one set of eyes they are saviors, in the other butchers and monsters more terrifying than a deathclaw or a swarm of fire ants. but to understand the dungeon delvers one must travel back, back to the day when the bombs fell from the sky and men were painted upon the walls in a collage of shadows forever burned in time.

Here the story begins for the dungeon delvers. Nearly seven miles from the nearest town, a troop of scouts lay huddled around the dead body of their scout leader. these were not hardened military veterans, these were not mercenaries who had years of service and merely sold their talent to the highest bidder, these were children out in the woods on a camping trip. the lot of them were frightened and cold, terrified as they huddled around the crushed body of their scout leader as the bombs fell all around them. in a fleeting moment of panic they ran deeper into the woods towards the hills where a city rest. as the bombs fell and buildings crumbled the scouts took refuge inside a tower. outside Armageddon was the only word that came to mind. buildings blown down by what seemed to be gusts of burning wind, men, women, children turned into shadows that would forever be painted on the sides of walls, buildings, and vehicles, it was hell on earth. yet through all of this the children were safe, scared beyond comprehension but safe.

it would be several days before the children ventured beyond just the first floor of the building. some of it had collapsed inside, leaving stairwells missing sections and floors that had caved in. but there were more survivors around within the building. survivors who did not make it into the vault underneath the building, scientists and brilliant minds alike who by all means were on the list, but just didn't make it in time. these brilliant men and women would find the broken bodies of the children after a failed attempt to get to the cafeteria on the third floor. this would be the beginning of the dungeon delvers, the broken and maimed bodies of the children amongst a pile of rubble from a collapsed staircase. upon tables, platforms, and counters their broken bodies were made anew as they were saved from death by the scientists and doctors. years would pass and the children would serve the scientests well. venturing out into the decaying ruinds of not only the city, but the building itself where the scientists could not reach. It was these children who grew into adults, venturing into dungeons, caverns, and ruins, where no sane man would go, that were the beginning of the dungeon delvers.

years would go on and the stories of the dungeon delvers would only grow. tales of darting, cunning, courage and feats of like few would imagine on their own. eventually the stories and the group itself fell into obscurity. every once and a while a few people would turn up with the markings of the dungeon delvers but it was more seen as another strange symbol in the wastelands. this didnt change as vault 86 finaly opend it's doors to the world. For many years the vault dwellers had been helping with the upbringing and training of the dungeon delvers. they were aware of what was going on outside, though the vault door was on a time lock so there was little they cold do to directly assist, indirectly however was a different story. the link between the vault and the building now known as the black citadel was never severed, allowing a transfer of data between the two parties. the overseer had no interest in following the orders of vault tech, and instead to assign his own system... which ironically was exactly what vault tech wanted. it was even through the vault dwellers that a tridition evolved as a right of passage for the dungeon delvers, a vault tech implant was placed into the body after a final trial, linking them wirelessly to be monitored by specially tuned pip boys. this wireless link was later adapted for video data as well, it was seen as a right of passage in time, a sign that the person was truly worthy of the title dungeon delver. When the vault opened it's doors, little changed and the dungeon delvers remained in obscurity...

that was until a set of radio stations formed an alliance and started a joint broadcast. music, information, tips, weather, current events, these were all things that were broadcast from the three radio stations. but along with this, one more thing was broadcasted, stories and tales of the dungeon delvers. one station SP00k3, or Spook, told ghost stories from the perspective of raiders about the dungeon delvers. the station wasn't a raider centric station but the message it brought was all the clearer because of it. J1Jz took roomers and stories of the dungeon delvers and put it off as a sort of special news, and to their credit they actually did their recherche and didn't just broadcast hearsay. the third was Radio Black gold, A station that turned the adventures of the dungeon delvers into a radio opera with talented voice actors from the waists. but they each had a thing in common, they were all telling the same story. and with this, while the dungeon delvers were still in obscurity, they were a known obscurity through the waists, and it all started because of a job the dungeon delvers did for the station. it was not the payment for the task they completed, it was not a requirement after the job, that would require the three to be in an alliance before hand, no instead it was in honor of the dungeon delvers that the radio stations joined forces and collaborated their information and resources, further spreading the stories, tails, and knowledge of the dungeon delvers.

It was when vault 111 opened it's doors that things took a turn for the worse. nearly 80 miles away Vault 111's residents, a militaristic bunch of pscycopathic denziens calling themselves the new enclave emerged. Vault 111 was a failed vault that went well beyond it's original design and goal. It was supposed to keep it's residents up to date on the progress of the enclave, to create devout and pious citizens for the new world... what it create was fanatics who had taken the propaganda their vault computer had given them as divine words from on high. armed with tech, training, and a unyielding resolve the denizens of vault 111 went out to conquer the waists... and they were succeeding. this sort of thing braught all sorts of attention. The real enclave, the brotherhood of steel, various towns and cities... they all took notice, for it was an omen of times to come...

And so our story begins within the black citadel as a new squad of dungeon delvers is formed from hopefuls who have just passed their final test and have been granted their right of passage. how will events unfold? how will history remember the coming times? who will the squad side with and who shall prevail in the coming conflict? only time and the radio stations will tell, because war.... war never changes.

================================================== ===========================

Hope i've caught your interest and that you've decided to stay on after reading all of that. I'm looking for 6 people, 5 at bare minimum for this one. i may or may not accacpt more depending on how well you write your profile, so it would be prudent to "dress to impress" as it were if we already have 5 or 6 and recruitment looks closed. for now though read on! and see what awaits you below.

All standard rules apply, no god modding, no controlling other people's characters, the standard bit.

Keep track of your ammo and resources! this wouldn't be a fallout rp if you just had infinite ammo. less you're using a recharger rifle then that's expected.

I'm expecting decent posts here, so please post a decent paragraph of a minimum of 10 sentences.

================================================== ==========================

The following are character slots to be taken. it's first come first serve for each and it's your lot's job to fill in the blanks.

Below here are the characters, you're to input their data into the character chart itself. these aren't premade so to speak but more of a starting point for you.

-Codename: Fire Bug
played by:
you've undergone controlled genetic modification and mutation granting you a series of "fire sacks" in your body. these sacs are in three locations. you have one on each wrist and one in the back of your throat. your skin is more resistant to fire thanks to fire ant DNA and Fire gecko DNA. These mutations have left you with slitted eyes as well as an additional set of eyelids like a crocodile or similar reptile. while one set is just for blinking, the other shields your eyes from intense light allowing you to see and direct your flames with more accuracy. you fuel your flames with booze and sadly enough you cant get drunk because of this. when you drink your body processes the alcohol and refines it, thus filling your fire sacks. you're also capable of consuming any flamable liquid to alter the properties of your flames.

- Codename: Truck
Played by:
You have an assortment of subdermal implants in your body made up of a sort of biological Kevlar materiel. In a perk sense you have the cyborg perk and your damage threshold is also getting a +4 boost. IE big boost. top it all off with a bit of regeneration as well as a Pheonix Monocyte breeder and it all comes together to form someone who's particularly difficult to take down.

-Codename: Watcher
Played By:
You have a pip boy 3500C(ustom), in a sense that makes you special, very special. you're able to sense your squad members across vast distances, keep tabs on them with your pip boy, and even seemingly slow down time to a stand still by pressing the third yellow button (VATS). your pip boy comes with all the bells and whistles the others in the series did. detecting radiation, having a digital highly advanced map, radio, even directed and augmented specialized learning... all of this puts you on par with the wanderer, the Currier, and even the vault dweller from 101 back east. you see things that others wouldn't, you notice things that others dont or cant notice.

-Codename: Specter
Played by:
Your arm is not entirely your own. after loosing your dominant arm a new one was both crafted, grown, and forged for you. your arm is a proverbial swis army knife. while it's no pip boy it does ensure you're never unarmed. inside it along your forearm rests a hidden blade which you can deploy and retract should you ever desire. the blade itself isn't some common rusted steel but purpose forged and designed to cause maximum damage. as long as a proper machete and as dangerous as a shishkabob. you can also conceal other items inside such as pistols, med kits, or ammo. you also have implants to reduce the sound you make when you run, walk, or actively try and sneak.

-Codename: Golden Eye
Played by:
your eye is not your own and little escapes it's gaze no matter the conditions you're faced with. it comes with a complete sweet of tactical, night vision, thermal, xray, and even electromagnetic imaging capabilities allowing you to see the full spectrum of things. changing your vision is as easy as thinking about it, acting on what you see is a different thing. why use a high powered scope when you can use your eye?

-Codename: Mouse
Played by:
you have an natural knack for getting into things people dont want you to be in. locked doors, secured data terminals, the inner workings of a security robot, you see and comprehend it all on a primal level thanks to your implants. while others fiddle and fumble around with them in hoppes of getting the desired result, you work them like a wolf would work it's jaws to bite or a cat would work it's claws to scratch, it's natural to you.

Special: Base 5 for all stats, in other words everything starts at 5. you have 5 additional points to spend and can lower others to increase others.
Strength: 1 to 10
Perception: 1 to 10
Endurance: 1 to 10
charisma: 1 to 10
Intelligence:1 to 10
Agility: 1 to 10
Luck: 1 to 10
Preferences: Melee or hand to hand? energy weapons or ballistic weapons? list them all here.

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