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Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
Abnett and Nik Vincent are writing it together.
Happy dance time, I really enjoyed Gileads Blood which they wrote together.

Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
I've never really mocked Abaddon as character he has just never grabbed me as an interesting one (as an aside I save my mocking of iconic 40k Characters for Marnus "I'm scared of the Minotaurs" Calgar). The thing is I think (in my mind anyway) Abaddon fills a role in the 40k verse, he is the Arch Enemy, the big baddy in the night, he is pivotal to the relationship between the Chaos Space Marines, Chaos in general and the Imperium. Structurally he can't be too effective otherwise that balance shifts.

In fluff though I still don't think he is a failure, he has managed more than once to unite the Chaos Legions, Gods and the Lost and the Damned to spill out of the Eye of Terror and take the fight to the Imperium and he's nearly won several times (each time he has in some respects won anyway). However put it on the flipside, how many successful Imperial Crusades have been into the Eye and done as much or more damage... none... Yeah Abaddon... not such a fucking idiot as most people make out( and that's not even getting into the whole "I'm the most powerful "mortal" in league with Chaos and I'm not a DP by choice thing). That said I really don't envy ADB's job writing Abaddon!

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