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Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Abnett better be writing that! Nobody else please! Milo is such an integral part of GG, nobody else should handle him.
Abnett and Nik Vincent are writing it together.

Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Spooky, reminds me of the first words of Horus Rising. I've just started reading Soul Hunter (sorry been a little behind the eight ball on that) and if ADB does even a fraction as well at Horus as he has with the NL (best traitor legion btw) then I've suddenly become interested in Abaddon (first time that's ever happened I can assure you).
ADB says that Abaddon is the most misrepresented character in 40k, all that Failbaddon crap. And I agree with him. That is the best thing about the 6th edition imo, it has started to make Abaddon a name to fear rather than mock. Plus not only Abaddon but the series will also deal with his Ezekarion, which I imagine are his chief lieutenants and his own Command Squad.

Iskander Khayon - Thousand Sons Sorcerer Lord. Apparantely tried to stop the Rubric of Ahriman.
Telemachron Lyras - Emperor's Children, Swordmaster of the Black Legion
The Fallen Angel - Unknown, apparantely uses a power sword and a shield with grappling claws built in. Either a Blood Angel or a Fallen Dark Angel, I'm hoping for the latter.

And I think there are two more, but I can't rememeber what/who they are. But based on what we know, and ADB's incredibly badass article on Abaddon, http://aarondembskibowden.wordpress....about-abaddon/, I think that this series will be one of the most popular Black Library ever does.


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