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Originally Posted by Weekender Info
Jim knows what the Sanguinor is, direct from Mat Ward, but he's sworn to secrecy
... fucking shoot me now... I've suddenly lost all desire to finish of my Sanguinor conversion now. That "question" is like Cypher! It doesn't need an answer!

Originally Posted by Weekender Info
Iron Snakes Space Marine Battles Book. The Saint and Milo are in the upcoming Space Marine Battles book in the Sabbat Crusade! At last!
Abnett better be writing that! Nobody else please! Milo is such an integral part of GG, nobody else should handle him.

Interceptor City exists currently in the left side of Dan's head. The Heresy has stopped it being realised in writing yet. It may appear in serial form next year. Or not
Come on! HH has many writers, give one of them that stuff and let Abnett get on with Interceptor City. I will fly to the UK and personally beg him if that's what it takes! (Only half joking about that by the way)

Originally Posted by Weekender Info
Quote from Talon of Horus;

"The Thousand Sons call me Khayon the Black. I brought Magnus the Red to his knees. And every word on this page is true."
Spooky, reminds me of the first words of Horus Rising. I've just started reading Soul Hunter (sorry been a little behind the eight ball on that) and if ADB does even a fraction as well at Horus as he has with the NL (best traitor legion btw) then I've suddenly become interested in Abaddon (first time that's ever happened I can assure you).
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