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Default Iraqiel's menagerie - Project Log

Hello Heretics.

I've been taking lots of photos of stuff, and I thought I'd actually get round to making a general log of things I work on and complete. This is likely to be a hodgepodge of everything, as I get bored often. However, hopefully some of you enjoy flicking through and are inspired to plagiarise ideas, just like I have from everyone on the internet who is better at this stuff than I am.

Without further ado:


Last night I finished this little baby up to a tabletop standard. I love this model. My favourite race in the Dawn of War series were Sisters of Battle, and this looks like it has just jumped right from the game onto my painting bench.

And my version, painted to fit either an Inquisition or Mechanicus look:

Terrain has been an off and on thing for me. A while back, I cut off all the spare bits from my guard sprues and painted a handful of them, which I now scatter around a board when I'm feeling luxurious about the time I have to game. I'll get photos up eventually of more terrain I've painted, but in the mean time here is a building that a good friend of mine put together for me years ago and I've only just now got around to painting.

As a man with over 12,000 points of his own ultramarines, I'm sure he'd be put out that I painted that particular detail the way I did... let's just call it a portent of the next game we get to have!


As something to break the Guard and Grey Knights up (so much grey...) I've also started a Tyrranid force. Numbers so far: 28 Hormagaunts, with another 12 to come this month. So far they look like this.

The Transluscent orange was fun, if like scratching nails over a chalkboard. There was no precision about it, I just mixed one part GW Blazing Orange with about six parts of student's gloss medium (really claggy stuff) and laid it on thick. Then I got a cheap brush that wasn't claggy and dragged it off the bits I needed to detail. Yuk. Still, it gives a great insectile skin look.

Grey Knights
Much of the Grey Knights I have can be seen in this year's army painting challenge, but I'll reproduce them here as well:

Storm Raven Project:

Various Strike Squad members (wood fire ash and PVA with blood red and water effects used for the bases:

Various Terminators:

The Land Raider Project (still waiting for that damn psycannon):

The Brotherhood Champion Project:

More to come as I update my photo collection and finish new things. I won't backtrack to previous things I've done, but as I get through Grey Knights and back to IG (and maybe onto DE) I'll be loading up pictures here.


Check out my Imperial Guard Battle-Group-in-the-making as it slowly takes form! Located just here:

And my collection of all things - particularly Grey Knights; Guard and Adeptus Mechanicus: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=129966

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