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Originally Posted by Chaplain-Grimaldus View Post
Every fuck head know it all civi who has played a few games of CoD suddenly seems to think they know what I have been through and know how to solve my issues when I have a downer on it. Fuck off fucktards.
How I concur with ever word of that post. I cannot tell you the countless times I have had CoD and BF players, lets be honest "kids," try and sympathize thinking they are all ready for the big boy world. HA....what a load of crap; it's too bad I never took that offer to be a recruiter. Could have shoved reality down a few throats.

On a different note Game Studio's; how I abhore you now. Will you keep making the same game with different names. CoD Black Ops, Ghost is the same crappy game. Battlefield 3, or 4, whats the damn difference. Where is the genuine ingenuity? you all suck......seriously.

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