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Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Along this line of thinking we eventually get to a point of maximum utility for the army book. Where a list is about as effective as it can be at a given points range within the choices available. And then we're in comparative territory that @MidnightSun can speak more eloquently about than I.
You don't need to tailor your CSM list when you have 3 Heldrakes, kids!

But seriously, if you optimise your list, there's very little point in tailoring. That's the point of optimisation. The units in a really good list should always be able to engage something effectively, rather than being bad at fighting a certain army. Ask a Leafblower Guard player if he list tailored. Or a Venomspam player. I'd use Draigowing as an example too, but they don't even have the option to tailor (10 Paladins, 4 MC Psycannons, Apothecary, 2x Hammer, 4x Halberd, Brotherhood Banner. Options: May add Warding Stave).


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