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Well he's using an army new to him, completely brand new 1k lizardmen, my army is Dark Elves and it'll only be my second game. The first game I faced Empire which had a steam tank in 1k, suffice to say the steam tank single handedly won the game, taking my hydra out in the first turn without me doing anything and then running rampage through everything else.

So perhaps I'm using the same army as the first time I never got a good run out with it, both my hydra and doomfire warlocks were unable to do anything, but the other part of my army, my shades with great weapons, my sorceress with a big unit of spearmen and my bolt thrower did do quite well. Equally I'm inexperienced with my army since, as I said, it's only my second game with them, I'll alter it for my next game if things don't work again, for example I'm thinking of replacing the hydra with some cold one knights.
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